Dharan Cancer Care

“Impossible things become Possible, if you can” is the right word for people diagnosed by cancer, who requires physical and psychological strength to fight back with the help of Cancer Centre supported by respective family members. This makes human mankind to get away from this deadly dragon with the help of systematic treatment by cancer centre at regular intervals duly supported by friends and families.

Dharan women's Care | Salem

Geo Presence

Geographically till Yesterday, the people of western districts in Tamil Nadu have ‘No Choice’ other than Coimbatore for Cancer Care treatments. Otherwise, on the other hand, they need to fly either Chennai or Bangalore. But now, from November 2019 onwards, the people of western districts in Tamil Nadu have ‘On Choice’ comprehensive cancer care treatment solutions in Salem, from Dharan Hospital, named as “Dharan Cancer Speciality Centre”.

About Dharan Cancer Speciality Centre (DCSC)

Dharan Cancer Speciality Centre is the Dharan Hospital’s 2nd ‘Centre of Excellence’ unit, after Dharan Womens Care, established in 2018). Dharan Cancer Speciality Centre (DCSC) is the 1st Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre in Salem, that serve complete cancer care solutions covering medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology with Nuclear Medicine, supported by PET CT (Salem’s 1st Hospital with PET CT) in one roof to support and serve the desperate needs of cancer patients.

Dharan Cancer Speciality Centre (DCSC) in incorporated with industry best state of the art equipments from European countries like Germany, Denmark supported and operated by industry best medical brains of the Onco Industry from AIIMS and JIPMER. Excluding Chennai, Dharan Cancer Speciality Centre (DCSC) is the 3rd Centre in Tamil Nadu (after KMCH and Royal Care of Coimbatore) facilitated with the higher end advanced radiotherapy machine Varian TrueBeam STX.

Dharan Cancer Speciality Centre (DCSC) serve cancer treatments under the following core categories,

  • Medical Oncology : Medical Treatments like Chemo Therapy, Targeted Therapy, Hormonal Therapy & Immuno Therapy.
  • Surgical Oncology : Onco Surgical Procedures in Head, Neck, Breast, Intestine, Liver, Thoracic, Gynaec & Skin.
  • Radiation Oncology : Advance Higher-ed Radiation Treatments and Techniques is performed with the help of Varian TrueBeam STX unit.
  • Nuclear Medicine : To track down the radioactive traces with the help of PET CT.

For further details, welcome into the world of Dharan Cancer Speciality Centre.